From brushless screwdrivers for low torque to high-capacity screwdrivers with integrated planetary reducers (RAD TORQUE SYSTEMS)

Low-torque electric screwdrivers

DAMATORK can offer you a range of highly innovative brushless electric screwdrivers for all your assembly applications requiring low torques and high precision.

From simple and effective models to closed-loop models integrated on reaction arms, these electric screwdrivers will allow you to increase effectiveness and quality. Our team is at your service to recommend a solution to fit your needs.

High-capacity electric screwdrivers RAD TORQUE SYSTEMS

The different ranges of RAD TORQUE electric screwdrivers offer a solution for quick tightening/loosening of bolted joints requiring a high level of precision and reliability.

The MV-RAD range with electronic torque and angle control, or the E-RAD BLU range that has torque and angle with integrated servomotor, Bluetooth connectivity and tightening data traceability system are examples of the most advanced technological innovations on the market from RAD.

These screwdrivers allow you to carry out high-capacity tightening on average up to 8 times faster than with a hydraulic wrench. Each range of screwdrivers was developed and manufactured for intensive use in a heavy industry environment.