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Hydraulic bolt tightening will always be a very interesting solution because this type of wrench uses very little space and has an extraordinary torque capacity for its weight. However, what makes DAMATORK stand out from other manufacturers is its “TORK-TRONIC” electric pumps: a smart pump that allows you to work with an automatic cycle and complete traceability of all tightening activities…
TORK-TRONIC hydraulic units :

Compatible with any hydraulic wrench on the market, the TORK-TRONIC units offer an exclusive solution with an “all-in-one” design for traceability of hydraulic bolt tightening.

No peripherals are used – everything goes through the integrated electronic module, for regulation of the tightening torque and for recovery of data (USB or RS232).

DAMATORK DT range hydraulic torque wrenches.

DT hydraulic wrenches were developed for use in intensive production. The highly alloyed steel from which they are manufactured and the specific heat treatments to which they are subjected guarantee rigidity and exceptional durability.

Our strong point: We develop and produce bespoke torque accessories on demand: special torque inserts and sockets; modular, sliding, offset and extended support arms etc. As a manufacturer, we can ensure your satisfaction by offering a more personalised high-quality solution.

WREN hydraulic torque wrenches: IBT and LOW ranges

DAMATORK can also offer you WREN wrenches made from an alloy of titanium and aluminium. They are highly durable and lightweight. The IBT range with a square drive has a huge range of torques from 120 to 72,000 Nm.

The highly compact LOW range, with interchangeable cassettes, is the ideal solution for confined spaces. Quick couplers, swivelling or pivoting connectors and support arms with variable positioning combine with ergonomics and convenience of use in this range of hydraulic wrenches.