Cordless screwdrivers for all types of application

Cordless screwdrivers with automatic shut-off for low to medium torques (RED ROOSTER)

DAMATORK can provide you with RED ROOSTER cordless screwdrivers with automatic shut-off in pistol or angled models. They are excellently suited to assembly applications requiring a precise torque, particularly in areas with limited access, such as the interiors of cars, coaches and trains.

Equipped with brushless motors, they have status LEDs: judgement OK/NOK, REVERSE, LOW BATTERY. Their speed is regulated using a scheduler (which can be used for various screwdrivers) that allows you to check the number of screwing cycles carried out and to schedule periodic maintenance.

Cordless screwdrivers for high torque with integrated planetary reducers (RAD TORQUE SYSTEMS)

In 2008 RAD was the first brand to offer a battery-powered screwdriver with integrated planetary reducers, and it patented the concept. RAD cordless screwdrivers have now benefited from constant improvement over several years while other manufacturers (mainly of hydraulic wrenches) are just starting to offer battery-powered products.

3 ranges of RAD battery-powered screwdrivers are available:

  • B-RAD standard: light, powerful
  • B-RAD SELECT: equipped with simple, two-button torque control in steps of 10 Nm.
  • DB-RAD: the first battery-powered screwdriver on the market with advanced electronic management (presets, control to the nearest Nm, statistics etc.)