The birth of a brand

In 1990, DAMACO, a specialist vendor of hydraulic torque wrenches, started developing and producing its own tightening tools under the brand DAMATORK. Why did they make this strategic decision? To respond to growing demand from clients using hydraulic torque wrenches on the production line. DAMATORK thus guarantees industrial companies traceability for torque data, a real seal of quality!

All-in-one solution

A patented electronic management module was quickly brought out. It was integrated to the hydraulic power units from DAMATORK, which immediately became a pioneering brand in the field. The fruit of more than 20 years of experience, the TORK-TRONIC electronic management module is now present in all electrically powered DAMATORK units. This all-in-one solution offers various benefits for users of hydraulic wrenches:

  • Eliminating reading or conversion errors
  • Fully automatic tightening cycle
  • Reports are produced on tightening data
  • This data is transferred to the client environment

Moving towards specialisation in industrial tightening

After many years as a partner of the big tightening tool brands, DAMACO has also gained a lot of experience as a manufacturer. The company has its own factory, and the infrastructure and means to maintain, repair and calibrate torque tightening tools. All the ingredients are in place to support a new ambition: becoming established on the broader industrial torque market.

A distinct entity

Over the years, DAMATORK has incorporated various new manufacturing partners to become a distinct entity from DAMACO. It concentrates exclusively on consultancy, sales and after-sales service for various high-quality industrial assembly and bolting solutions. We support you before, during and after sale, particularly through rentals, training, preventive maintenance and calibration.


for all your industrial tightening tool needs, from the smallest to the largest torque! An immense choice of various tightening or assembly techniques.

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