Measuring and checking torque.

Measuring/checking torque in the application:

DAMATORK offers a range of analogue and digital systems for in-line torque checking. Quality control has always been a central concern for our partner TOHNICHI, and it has always driven them to innovate. A lot has changed since their first ranges of screwdrivers and wrenches with dial monitoring, and you can now benefit from over 50 years of experience. For example, electronic CEM3 wrenches judge and record torques, and CTB2 wrenches check the initial torque using the retightening method.

TOHNICHI also offers a range of battery-powered torque sensors with integrated display, which are the most compact on the market. These unique products allow you to check the torques actually applied by your manual or power tightening tools, for example.

Measuring/checking torques outside application

TOHNICHI develops torque testers to carry out a quick cross-check measurement for your torque tools before they are used during the application. These workshop test benches can easily be integrated into your work station as they have a rigid external structure with fastening holes.

In addition to this cross-check measurement, you can also get a calibration bench, so you can carry out periodic precise verification of your torque tightening tools and produce reports in accordance with standards.